Saturday, December 18, 2010

1 Month and 2 Days Down! 160 Days to Go!

     Ok, so I am calling it 160 days to go. Granted, he has been gone over a month, but I am counting from the time he got in theater and I added travel days at the end as well. I know that is a really long title for each blog post, but if people are going to read this to see what my mindset was during the deployment, I want them to see what point I was at in the deployment when I have my ups and downs. Granted, it will be different for each person, but I am sure that to some extent, there is probably some sort of pattern. For instance, pretty much everyone I have talked to has said that the first 2 weeks are the hardest. And a lot of what I hear from some people is that the mid-point is a really great time because instead of counting how long their loved one has been gone, they can really start counting down the days til they get back. Also, I have heard that while the first couple months generally go by fairly quickly (the first couple weeks excluded), that the last couple seem to go very slow because you are anticipating their arrival. I don't know if this is true for everyone, but that seems to be what I hear from most people who have been through this process. So anyways, like I said, I just want people to see where my head was at during each stage of this deployment. Plus, it will give me a way to look back on it as well.
    Anyways, what a day! I took the boys to Toys'R'Us to finish up their Christmas shopping and boy was that a nightmare! But we got some great stuff :) However, then we got home and I noticed that the monitor on my laptop is broken! Don't ask me how that happened, but LCD monitors are not covered under our warranty with Dell! I am so pissed off about that! I paid $180 for accidentals on both of our laptops! If that doesn't cover the monitor then it is pretty much useless! That is probably the number one thing to get messed up with laptops! Please believe, I will be having words with someone! This laptop is only 2 1/2 months old! Not to mention I have had to call them FOUR times because the call keeps getting dropped and every time I call I end up on hold anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour! No joke! My shortest wait time thus far has been 32 minutes! It is making me so mad! They have my call back number! If the call gets dropped you would think they would have the decency to call me back instead of making me go through the whole process again and have to explain the whole problem all over again to yet another person! I am so frustrated right now. All I have to say is these people are very lucky that my husband is deployed because if he was the one they had to deal with, it would definitely get ugly. Although, as it stands, there is still a very distinct possibility of that happening! 
     Anyways, all of that aside, it was still a pretty good day. Nothing beats hanging out with my little guys, even when they are fussy in public! LOL! But they got lots of good presents! I got them both the Micky Mouse clubhouse rocking chairs that look like little recliners for toddlers! I know they will love those! Austin got his bike, which he has been asking for for quite a while, I got them a 7x7 ft bounce house for the back yard, new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD's since that is Austin's new obsession, one of those wooden train tables from wal mart that has the train tracks and everything and the drawer underneath, they each got a pillowpet, I got Austin a ton of matchbox cars since he loves those things, I got them some puzzles because they both love those, and I got aiden some good toys that will help with his fine motor skills. I am probably forgetting stuff, but its pretty obvious that they made out pretty well this year :) I guess in a way I kind of feel like I have to go a little overboard this year to make up for the fact that their Daddy isn't here. Aiden still doesn't really seem to know whats going on, but Austin has really started asking when his Daddy is going to come home in the airplane and stuff like that, so I think he is starting to understand a little more. 
     Well, the boys are sleeping so I am enjoying some quiet time while I can! Well trying to. I could enjoy it a little more if I wasn't wasting it on Dell.... And if I was actually making some progress, not sitting on hold again. I have been on hold the whole time I have been making this post, so that should tell you something! LOL! So, I am going to go try to enjoy the quiet time as much as I can! LOL! Good night :)

Highlight of the Day: The boys took a bubble bath this morning and made themselves into Santa Claus with the bubbles! It was HILARIOUS! <3 I love those boys so much! What ever would my life be without them?


  1. Jessica, can't believe the monitor went out on your laptop and it is NOT covered on the insurance...that's NOT right! Great service, huh, with 30mins on the waiting line?
    Sure hope this is getting resolved for you.

  2. Well now I am a little unclear as to whether it is covered or not. Either way, since it was not accidental it is getting replaced. The technician here will receive the new monitor in 2 business days, then set up a time to come to my house to replace it. However, it took 5 hours, and having my husband also call them from Iraq to finally get it resolved. At first the guy I spoke to said if the technician felt that it was in any way accidental he would not replace it. Then I told him I had accidental coverage and asked if that would make a difference, not that that should matter because this was no accidental, and he said I did not have accidental coverage. So I explained to him that I had just added it when I spoke to the first person so it probably just isn't reflected on my account yet, but then he never answered my question. So hopefully the tech that i get won't be one of those people that is just out to ruin someone's But I did double check, there are not even any scratches or anything that could make it even remotely look like it was accidental. So, wish me luck and we'll see how it goes cuz it would definitely be nice for something to go right right now!