Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1m 1w 4d Down! 153 Days to go!

    I was going to change the title to "__ Days Down! ___ Days to go", but it has only been 39 days... that's kind of depressing...lol. It seems like a lot more when I put it in month format...lol. But for the count down 153 days definitely sounds better than months! Anyways, almost a quarter of the way through this deployment, not bad! Hopefully the coming months will go just as quickly! Being in Hawaii for Christmas was definitely a blessing because it did not feel like Christmas at all. So it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I went all out getting stuff for the kids and made it all about them, but it really did feel like just another day to me. We stayed home  and on Christmas Eve David got onlline around midnight and the boys opened their presents with him in a video conversation! It was really nice :) All in all I think they had a good Christmas :) They made out like little bandits! LOL! We had some offers to go places for Christmas dinner, but at first we thought David was going to be online so we were just going to stay here and video chat with him, but then the plans changed, so we were going to go, but then both boys started to get sick so we stayed home. I think that was for the best though. Despite the very kind and generous offers, like I said, I did ok because it didn't feel like Christmas. But if we would have gone and spent it with other families and really celebrated it like Christmas that would have made it more real and that would have been hard, so I think it worked out ok for us. But it was so nice to have so many people come forward and make the offer. It's nice to feel that support from people. David's work even called and checked up on us and reminded me that they are there if we need anything. It was really nice. 
    Other than that, not too much else has been going on. Today was my workout day and that was such a great stress reliever. A friend had a birthday party downtown and I thought about going, but I already have the babysitter several days this week, one of which is for a hot date I have!!! LOL! Me and my bestie are having a date night and going out for dinner and a movie :) It will be great to spend some time with her because we haven't gotten to lately, and this is the first time we will get out without the kids, so it will be nice to go have adult conversation with her instead of prying our kids apart from fighting over some toy or something! LOL! 
    I also spoiled myself for Christmas! I had been talking in a previous post about feeling so guilty about not being able to really keep the house clean and keeping up with laundry and dishes and all that. So I decided to spoil myself. I scoured craigslist for a while and found someone that does house keeping and she is just looking to make some extra money for a plane ticket home and she is willing to clean my whole house (2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, close to 2000 sq ft) for $50! There is no way I am going to pay her that little and I will be helping her, too, but most people were charging $150-$300! So this was obviously an AWESOME deal! I am not someone that can sit back and let someone else clean my house, so I will be doing a lot of the work too, but it will just be nice to have the extra set of hands to help me. And for that price, I might start doing it regularly if I find it being a persistent issue throughout the deployment. The housework is one of the things that is bringing me down the worst right now, so just knowing that this time tomorrow my house will be completely clean (aside from what the kids destroy afterwards...lol) is a huge weight off my shoulders! 
    Anyways, other than that, there is not too much else going on right now. David's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I have been waiting on him to decide what he wants. He told me that he wants an egg crate mattress topper thingy for his bed there, so that is what I am going to get him. I feel kind of bad because its not more personal, but right now I want to focus on the practical stuff and what he needs. And he is not really a sentimental person anyways, so those kind of presents don't usually mean as much to him anyways. So at least I know I am getting something he can really use. Then my birthday is exactly 1 week after his, and our anniversary is exactly 1 week after my birthday. So January is a big month for us..lol. But we have decided that we want to do our anniversary gifts in person and we want to have a romantic overnight date for our anniversary, so we are going to celebrate in July. We met on the 4th of July in 2004, so we still consider that an anniversary for us, as well, so we will celebrate our anniversary around that time. 
     Well, I just got off the video chat with David and I am trying to get Austin to sleep so I am going to get him laid down and I am going to read my book :) I am still totally hooked on the Vampire Academy series! I am about to finish the 5th book and they just keep getting better and better! Only 1 book left after this one which makes me sad :( But there is another book by this author that people have recommended, then I am also hearing about some other good series' that I will have to read :) 

Highlight of my Day: Last night when I was changing Austin's diaper, he had a REALLY bad one! Now as a Mom of 2 boys, I have changed some really bad diapers, but this one far surpassed anything I have ever experienced. . .LOL! So I made a disgusted face and said "Oh man Austin, did something die in your butt?" Well, he went to play with Aiden and said "Guess what Aiden! Something died in the butt!" I about died laughing! Well, tonight we were video chatting with David and Austin said it to him! He said "Something died in the butt! And it was really Really REALLY bad!!!" LOL! I don't think I have ever seen David laugh so hard! It made me so happy to see him lighten up and laugh like that! With everything he is dealing with there, any smile from him is a great thing to see. But this was just such pure laughter it was great :) And it was even better because Austin and Aiden were in hysterics too! So I got to see all my boys laughing together :) Definitely the highlight of my day :)

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