Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 17

     Today was pretty uneventful and I am exhausted so this is going to be a short one. Not too much happened until this evening when Austin somehow hurt his foot. I was changing Aiden's diaper so I have no clue what happened, but he was walking on it fine afterwards so I wasn't too worried. But he woke up in the middle of the night, which he usually does these days anyways, and was complaining that his foot hurt. He cried for a few hours on and off, but wanted to be in my lap the whole time so we watched some tv and he cried on and off and now I am making an attempt to go to bed. I am letting him sleep in my room so I can keep an eye on him though. 
      Friends of ours had their baby today which is exciting! We were both pregnant with our first children when we met. She was at the end of her pregnancy and I was just beginning mine. She was actually the first person, outside of family and hospital staff, to see Austin! We called her as soon as we got home and she came over! So it is crazy to think that they have 2 kids now! They had a little boy, which I know will be so exciting for them! Their oldest is a girl, so I am sure they will love having one of each.
       Other than that, nothing else really happened today. Tomorrow we have playgroup and I have a dr appt and we need to do a grocery trip at some point, but I have been putting it off. The highlight of my day is that David and I had a pretty serious talk about somethings and I am looking forward to seeing if anything comes of it :) Other than that, I am exhausted so I am going to hit the hay! Good night!

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