Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hell Week Day 4

    Phew, what a day! It was pretty long because I didn't get to really talk to David at all. We talked early this morning (like 2 or 3 type early) when he was in one of the airports, then he started messaging me again when he got to his next stop, and I talked to him for a minute, but I literally fell asleep in the middle of a message! I felt so bad because when I woke up he had already boarded his next flight, and we didn't know when we were going to be able to talk next, and here I was falling asleep! 
     Then, we got up this morning, just in time for Aiden's home visit! I had set the alarms for 8:50, 8:55, and 9:00. I turned all 3 of them off.... When the 9:00 one went off I thought "I can sleep til 9:30, Aiden's appt is at 11:30, that will give me 2 hours, and it's here at the house so it's not like we have to go anywhere!". Well, 9:30 rolled around, and I decided to sleep til 10, 10 rolled around and I decided to sleep til 10:30, 10:30 rolled around and the kids were still sleeping, so I decided on 11! Only I shot straight up out of bed at about 10:45 because I realized I had forgotten to call the gate to get them in! Well, Hickam is stupid and doesn't let the spouses call, and I couldn't exactly get my husband to call! So, I called the lady and luckily she was already on base, and was with a spouse who was able to call her husband and have him get the other lady on, so it worked out! Near disaster averted! So I got up, got the boys ready and fed, picked up a little bit, and was ready just in time for her to get here.
    Today was more of a goal setting appointment. They had finished the eval and wanted to discuss the results with me, as well as set our goals for the next 6 months. His levels ranged from 10-16 months. So we prioritized the goals based on what we thought was more important. Over the next 30 days, the teacher will go over the evaluation results and the goals we set today, then she will comet to the house twice a week for the next 6 months, unless we can get Aiden caught up before then. In a way I am a little relieved to have help from this program. Obviously this is my first time raising kids, and my family is all on the mainland, so it will be nice to have someone give me ideas on how I can work with the boys on this stuff. And it will benefit our future children as well, because I will have more tools to use.
    About halfway through our appointment, there was a knock at the door and it was the UPS man! He was here to deliver my new 32 gig Ipod Touch 4g, which is my Christmas present from my wonderful husband! Engraved with the words "Merry Christmas 2010!!!!!! Love David, Austin and Aiden"! I love it because it has 2 cameras! One in the front and one in the back! And it also does HD video and video chat! In fact, I used it to make a video for David of me and the kids telling him we love him! I have a feeling that we will definitely get our moneys worth out of it and then some!
    Once the appointment was done, Aiden went up for nap and Austin played in the playroom and watched tv. I have also been waiting on a bracelet I had made. It is blue paracord and has a dog tag on it and I had it engraved with "Proudly supporting my Airman so he can support our country", and it came with a free paracord keychain, and I opted for the yellow Support the troops ribbon. Well, I have been watching the tracking and it said it was delivered today. So I go check the mail and nothing!!!! So I call the post office, and no one answers. So I just kept hitting redial til I got an answer! LOL! Someone hated me! But I didnt want to take a chance on not getting it, and it takes a while to get it made, so I didn't want to pay for and wait on another one. Well when I finally got through to someone we realized it had been delivered to my old address. She offered to have someone retrieve it and get it to me in the next day or 2, but I am impatient, so I went to the old house, knocked on the door, introduced myself, and she went and checked the mail and got it for me :) So I got both things I was waiting for in 1 day! How cool is that? And the bracelet wasn't supposed to be delivered til tomorrow and FedEx website said my Ipod wasn't going to get here til Wednesday! So I really lucked out! 
     After that, the boys and I ran some errands, came home for dinner, and I played with my ipod while they played with their toys :) About halfway through dinner I heard the IM sound on my laptop! And sure enough, it was my husband!!!! I have been talking to him on and off for the past few hours. He is in a tent right now, and he is miserable because he got stuck with a top bunk. He said its like 90 degrees up there, then like 70 on the bottom. He cannot stand to sleep if it is even the least bit warm. If our house gets over 70 at night he can't sleep. It has to be at 68 or 69. So looks like the first care package better have a fan in it for him! LOL!
     Well, it is 2:30 and the boys are sound asleep and David is offline at the moment, but he will be back on soon, so I am going to try to catch a little sleep before he gets back on. Since we are 13 hours apart, it is the middle of the day there, so I am sure we will be talking throughout the night, so I will just have to sleep in between. His wifi is in a specific tent, so if he needs to do anything, he has to leave the area with the internet, so thats why it comes in spurts. Anyways, today has been an awesome day, under the circumstances, so I am going to go to sleep and hope tomorrow goes just as well! Good night!

Highlight of the Day: Definitely has to be every time I got to talk to my husband! I miss him like crazy, and this deployment will not be easy, but getting to talk to him helps so very much. I am so glad that we live in a time that we have the technology to keep in touch with our loved ones, without having to wait forever for letters to get there! 


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