Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hell Week Day 5

    Almost through the first week! It almost seems like it has been more than a week because so much has passed. In one day, I spoke to my husband 3 different times while he was in 3 different countries. Then, the next day I spoke to him twice and he was in 2 different countries. 5 countries in 2 days...not too shabby! LOL! 
    Today was another good, but uneventful day. Again, we stayed home and didn't do much. So this will be a quick post! I am getting things in order for my upcoming photo shoots. I still have not started fully booking again. I have one this Saturday and one the next, then one I am waiting to schedule. But I am trying to do them primarily in my house for the time being. I also finished crocheting some new props, so I am looking forward to using them on my newborn shoot next week! 
   Tomorrow I think I will go ahead and make the cranberry sauce for Thursday at the Bestie's! I got the kitchen clean today, so I am feeling good about that. Hate the thought of dirtying it again! LOL! But luckily cranberry sauce is easy clean up! So is sweet potato casserole, which is the other dish I am doing. 
   Well, it is night night time. Austin is still up jabbering, but I am beyond ready to get my sleep on! David is at work right now, so of course, as soon as I get to sleep he will wake me up, but that is more than ok with me :) I don't ever like to miss an opportunity to chat with him. Thank goodness my kids like to sleep in as much as I do! LOL!

Highlight of the Day: Can't use talking to my husband as the highlight of every day, so from now on, we will know that comes first and foremost. But aside from that, Austin has started doing this thing where he tells me or Aiden or his monkey or Scout, "I'm so glad you're here". Well, today I did hit a small rough spot and wasn't feeling so great, and Austin came up and gave me a hug and said "I'm so glad you're here Mommy". I don't even know if he really understands what that means, but my heart melted nonetheless. In that moment, nothing could have brought me down! I love my kiddos so much!

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