Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 20

      20 days...that seems like it should be a milestone or something. It's a nice round number. With as quickly as things have been going lately, I can't believe it has already been 20 days. That first week felt like a month, but the 2 weeks since have felt like just a few days. I just keep holding out hope that that is how the actual deployment will go. It is almost 4:30 and I still have not slept yet. This schedule is killer! However, I got a bunch of edits done from today's newborn shoot, which was exciting. Other than that, today has been pretty uneventful. I have liked the slower pace of everything. I feel a lot less overwhelmed. Please believe I still have my hands full with the kids and housework and stuff, but that is not as overwhelming as when I was in school and doing a couple shoots a week. So, the slower pace is starting to pay off. We don't have anything on the agenda for the next 2 days which I am really happy about. It will be nice to just sit back and work on the pics, and relax, as much as one can relax with 2 toddlers. I do have a few errands I probably need to go ahead and take care of, so maybe I will get the kids out of the house for a while and go do some running around. But nothing has to be set in stone, which is nice. 
    Well it is way past my bedtime, yet again, and it is a struggle to keep my eyes open at this point, let alone keep my fingers moving to type! So I am going to sleep! Good night!

Highlight of the day: My bestie stopped by and it was great to see her, and I had a blast doing the newborn photos! It was especially nice because we did it at my house so I didn't have to lug all of my equipment around! I think I might start sticking with those for the time being, aside from the family shoots that I already committed to.

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