Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 24

     What a fun day! We pretty much just hung out for the first part of the day, but then the bestie and her daughter came over for a sleepover so that has been fun! We had pizza and watched kids movies and crocheted and just had some fun girl time. Austin had a rough time going to sleep but it is 2 and I am in bed now so that is better than we have been doing! I just have to make it through another day and a half then my wonderful husband will be home! I can't wait to see him! Tomorrow might be ok but Thursday will probably be the longest day of my life! LOL! I will be ready to go to the airport 6 hours before it is even time to pick him up, then I will end up sitting around twiddling my thumbs. . .lol! Well, I am going to head to bed! Goodnight!

Highlight of the Day: Girl time with the bestie <3

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