Friday, October 15, 2010

Countdown Day 1

     What a day! After another night of pretty much just tossing and turning and not much sleeping, we got up super early to get prepared for the "mandatory fun day" at Bellows for David's work. There is a big chunk of the day that I am not even going to get into! Anyways, we dropped the boys off, then we headed to the beach! I had my boogie board packed and ready to go, and imagine my surprise when we hear the announcement that no one, to include family members, was allowed to go in the water for the duration of the event! Apparently, they would have had to hire 1 lifeguard to every 150 people and someone said it would have cost close to $700! So we were really bummed about that. But they had food and drinks out and several events going on. We ran into several people we knew from previous duty stations. One of my old coworkers from Tinker is now stationed here and working with David which is crazy! Then we know several people here from Beale, and also someone we met on a long TDY I accompanied David for in early 2007. So it was neat to kind of reminisce with those people. It really is a small world in the military!
     Anyways, I ended up winning two hula hoop contests representing my husbands squadron, but lost my last one :( In my defense, it was 2 people from another squadron against me, so I really didn't have a chance! LOL! But it was a lot of fun. The burgers were actually really good! So that was definitely a plus.
     Finally when all of the events were over we were able to go in the water for a little bit. I caught a few really good waves, but as I was heading out of the water I got stung by a Portuguese Man of War Jellyfish right on my inner thigh! Ouch! But it only hurt for about an hour or so. Now as long as I don't touch it it's fine. Then we got the boys, came home, and I bombed my math quiz :( Oops.
     That pretty much sums up my day, but as I go to the calendar and mark off today, that leaves the next open day with a big glaring "David Leaves" note right in my face about as subtle as a billboard. I am still doing ok with it though. I think that since we know he is coming back in a few weeks, this first round shouldn't (hopefully) be too hard. We found out his flight actually leaves 3 hours later than we thought it did, so hey, I will take whatever time I can get! He still has not really packed yet. I think it is taking just as long to sink in for him as it is for me. 
     Well, I am going to cut this one short. I am exhausted and the boys passed out at 7 which means they will more than likely wake up very early tomorrow! So we are heading to bed! But the highlight of my day was definitely getting to spend some quality time with my husband before he leaves! Good night!

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