Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 6

     I am making my post a little early tonight. It is not even 8 and I am exhausted. It is crazy because this time last week we were planning for David's departure the next day. Seems like it has been a lot longer. I have not been this tired in years. You know when you are pregnant and you are exhausted all of the time? It feels like that. Before you ask, no, I am not Just worn out. Seems like every day had been incredibly busy. I had a photo shoot today, which I think went really well :) And I have another one tomorrow. Then Sunday is probably when I will end up doing my math final exam and Monday is playgroup. So Tuesday is the next day that I won't have to leave the house, but I will be busy with photo edits. Then there are the kids. And that is where the full time job kicks in. See, mealtime doesn't just consist of eating. I have to figure out what to feed them, fix it, Aiden will eat contently but getting Austin to sit down and eat is like pulling teeth. I feel like I have to be a drill sergeant in his face telling him to eat his food. it is a constant battle. Then, inevitably, Aiden will throw half of his food on the floor. So I let him up, clean up the food on the floor, while still instructing Austin to sit down and eat. An hour later when Austin has finally eaten everything that I am going to get him to eat, I let him up and clean up his mess. And that happens three times a day. That alone is exhausting. So even on days when I don't have anything going on, I am still completely Plus I am still trying to catch up on the chores that we slacked off on when David was getting ready to leave. I am behind in the laundry, there are still boxes that need sorted through, the floors need to be cleaned, I have to get myself fed, there is just always something. My favorite quote of the day has to be when a man comes home to his stay-at-home Mom/wife and makes some snide comment like "Well, its not like you did anything today". I would love to see one of them walk a day in our shoes! lol! 
    My babysitter was a godsend today though. She is one of the nicest people I know, and since David is gone and everything we talked about it and she is going to start watching the boys here instead of me taking them to her. It works out better for both of us that way because her house is not as big as ours since it is just her and her husband and we have all the kids stuff here, so it just makes more sense. So today was the first time that she came and when she showed up I was in a bit of a frenzy because I had been trying to clean up before she came, and I made the mistake of giving both boys full cups of milk before bed, so they both peed through their diapers so I had to bathe them and wash all of their sheets and everything, plus get ready for my photo shoot, and straighten up. Well, when she got there I had gotten most of it done but there were still some minor things. A few dishes in the sink, toys all over the downstairs. And when I got home the boys playroom was picked up and the dishes were done! Don't laugh at me, but I almost cried. All I could think of on the way home was all of the stuff that I still had to do, and it was just such a good feeling to come home and have a couple of things scratched off of my list. It probably didn't seem like much to her, but I can promise you, she has no idea how much it meant to me. 
    So, here I am at 8, exhausted and both boys are wide awake. They have been going to bed at a decent time, but with Austin waking up and getting up earlier than we are used to every day, I am still constantly tired. Maybe my body just has to adjust to the new routine. And all of that being said, today was definitely not a bad day, so I am grateful for that. I miss my morning coffees for sure, but my stomach does not like to cooperate with me in my old age. . .lol! So coffee drinks tear me up, which is unfortunate because they would really come in handy! LOL! Maybe I will walk over to the shoppette with the boys in the morning and get an energy drink or something. That might help. 
    I have been able to "talk" to David quite a bit today. But honestly, it consists of us having the video chat up, but he is always distracted doing other things on the computer, so I check my email 50 times in 5 minutes or surf facebook or whatever. I did finish his surprise today and I am so excited to see the finish product when it gets here! It will be in production for 3-4 days and I got the 2 day shipping, so I doubt I will get it next week, but definitely should by the following. 
    Well, I am going to lay down and listen to the sound of my children playing in Austin's room down the hall. . .lol. I will probably try to put them to bed in 20 minutes or so, but for now I just want to lay down and not move for a few minutes! LOL!
     The highlight of my day was definitely  coming home to a house cleaner than I left it, rather than the other way around, which was what I expected. Thank you so much Stephanie! Now to get some rest! Good night! 

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