Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 9

    Almost to the double digits. What a long day. Austin was up all night last night until 5 this morning and we had to get up early for playgroup. Again, I thought about just sleeping in and not going, and again, I am so glad that we got up and went, no matter how tired I have been since! We had fun at playgroup. My friend Ashley brought her Scentsy samples and I ordered the multi pack that comes with 2 full size warmers and 6 bars! I can't wait for them to get here! Then the cutest thing happened! They had their singing time and they did Ring Around the Rosie's. Austin held hands with a little girl and when they got done with the song they didn't let go. They walked around the rest of the time holding hands! Her mom came up and told me how surprised she was because this little girl usually doesn't like to be touched and she just let Austin lead her around by the hand. It was so adorable. It was hard to break them up when it was time to go LOL! But she will be there again Wednesday so we will see if they even remember eachother at that point! I know one thing is for sure! I will not be caught without my camera again thats for sure! LOL! 
    Thankfully the boys are asleep, but David will be waking up in an hour so I am going to stay up to talk to him. And I wonder why I never get any sleep! LOL! Tomorrow will be a long but really good day! I am going over to my best friends house to do 2 newborn shoots with her. It will be our first joint photo shoot so I am really looking forward to it! Plus it will give us the opportunity to get pictures of eachother in action! So it should be a lot of fun! I am really excited! Then after that, she is coming over and we are having a sleepover! I definitely need the girl time! Our kids fight like cats and dogs so hopefully they will cooperate for one night! LOL! But it should be a lot of fun! We are going to watch Halloween movies and crochet and lots of fun stuff! 
    Well, that is about as much as I can concentrate to write for now. I have a bunch of photos I am working on edits for and I am hoping David will be on soon so I can talk to him then hit the hay! I am so exhausted! The highlight of my day was definitely watching Austin with his little girlfriend. I haven't laughed that hard or that genuinely in a very very long time, so I definitely needed it! Well, back to work for me! Night night!

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