Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 10

    Here we are at the double digits. Just over 2 weeks to go. This week is going by faster than last week did so far. We got good news that he might get to come home 2 days early! 2 days may not seem like much, but it's huge when we are only getting 2 weeks before he leaves for 7 months. I am really dreading this deployment so much. It is definitely a 2 sided coin because I hate it, but at the same time I am very proud of him and I know that he needs to do this to feel like he has really done his part. Had I not gotten out and it weren't for the kids I would have felt the same way. I would have even volunteered for it, so I get it. But it doesn't make the separation any easier. I really want to go home for part of the time he is gone but it is so expensive and just the thought of the flight gives me a headache! LOL! We got the opportunity to really talk and I think we really worked through some things today. So hopefully that will make a difference in the remainder of the time we have to be apart. I miss him so much and it has only been a week. What will it be like after we have been apart for a month? or 3 months? or 6 months? I don't know how some women do it when their husbands are gone constantly. I could never be a Navy wife, and I have so much respect for women that are because it has to be very difficult. But I guess when you love someone you will do whatever it takes to be with that person.
    Well, another long night in store I think. Neither of the boys will go to sleep. My best friend came over to stay the night. We had so many plans for things we were going to do and we were so tired we got our pizza then lazed around for a while and that was it. I think we are going to do it again next We are going to go to playgroup tomorrow then Aiden has his home visit. I have more work to do on the fence packet so I might work on that as well, we'll see.
    Wow! I think the boys are sleeping! Sounds quiet! I am going to stay up one more hour because David chats with me in the morning before work and it is easier to just stay awake than to wake up. So I am laying in bed relaxing watching a movie. I am starting to hear about more things available to spouses of deployed members, so I might start looking into some of them, like packages for the kids that have a book and stuff like that, so I will have to see about it. We still need to make their Daddy dolls too, so we are doing pics when David gets home. 
    Great, I just heard Aiden. Guess I should have known that wouldn't last long. . .lol. And there goes Austin! Great. . .lol! I am going to get off here and tend to my children. The highlight of my day was definitely quality time with the bestie! I needed it!

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