Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 11

     We had a pretty good day today! It was another sleepless night because between both boys I was up til about 2:30, but we got up early and we all went to Wal-Mart (Nina and Keegan stayed the night last night), then we headed on to playgroup. Playgroup went well but Austin was actually really tired so he was pretty fussy. We skipped out a little early because Nina had things to do and I needed to clean up the house before Aiden's home visit. So when we got home the boys went straight up for nap and I got to cleaning! The timing was perfect because they got here just as I finished cleaning! 
     The home visit started out really rough. Aiden sat in my lap and would not interact with the evaluators at all. They were using different types of toys to try to evaluate what level he was at in different areas. For instance, they had him stack things, or they had 3 bowls and wanted him to put one inside the other. He struggled with that because they were different sizes and he didn't realize that the large one could not fit in the small one. After they had been there about 15 minutes he really started warming up and started doing things that I didn't even know he would be able to do! So I was really proud of him. He did a really good job. The news was not as good as we would have liked but it wasn't terrible either. He will be 16 months old, but he was doing everything at a 12 month level, so that is not a huge deal. One concern is that there may be something wrong with his depth perception, so we will have to have that evaluated, even though he already had an eye exam when he was younger. One of his pupils was extremely dilated while the other was like a pinpoint so we were worried about a brain injury or something, even though we had never seen him fall. So we took him in and they did an eye test and said that his eyes were perfect. So who knows, maybe that has changed now. We should know soon whether he needs to have any further evaluation or needs to work with any specialists, but today's eval actually eased a lot of my concerns because the way the clinic was making me feel he had a huge delay, which doesn't seem to be the case. 
     Austin just woke up screaming again. It is 1 and he doesn't sound like he will be getting into a good sleep for a while yet. I really don't know what to do about these issues we are having with him waking up several times a night. He has always been a great sleeper and this has just started since David left. I could bring him in and let him sleep in my room but that is a habit that I really don't want to start. But something has to give. I am exhausted all day because even though he is up half the night we still have things to do in the mornings so we can't just sleep. Although, tomorrow is pretty free so maybe we will sleep in some. I guess that all depends on when Aiden decides to wake up since he has been in a good sleep for a few hours now. 
     Well, I better go tend to my son. David will be waking up soon so I will probably get to talk to him for a bit too, but then it is seriously night night time for me! The highlight of my day was getting to spend some time with my bestie! I really missed her when she was gone and I am so glad she is home now!

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